Announcing the Release of Emerald Wallet Version 2.7.2

Emerald vault, new transaction types, EIP-1559, and create new addresses.

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By Donald McIntyre

June 30th, 2022

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Emerald new release: What new features are included.

You can watch this announcement here:

In the following sections we explain the new features in Emerald Wallet v2.7.2.

1. Emerald vault:

We added a new multi-wallet backup feature called a "vault" where you can backup all wallets inside Emerald at once.

Export vault.

This is convenient as, instead of backing up each wallet one by one, now you can have them all in one file.

2. Restore vault:

If you lose your machine or it breaks, now you can use the new vault file above to restore all wallets.

Easily restore all your wallets at once in case you need it.

Restore vault.

However, because the vault is encrypted with your Emerald global password, then you need remember it to use it to be able to restore the vault.

3. Create additional Ethereum and Ethereum Classic addresses:

Now you can also create more Ethereum and Ethereum Classic addresses inside each Emerald wallet.

Create more addresses.

Up to now, each wallet had only one Ethereum or Ethereum Classic address, but now you can create many.

This is convenient to organize your money or for privacy purposes.

4. Cancel or speed up transactions:

Now you can cancel or speed up non-confirmed transactions from Emerald wallets.

Cancel or speed up transactions.

This may be done on both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

5. EIP-1559 transactions on Ethereum:

We added EIP-1559 support for the Ethereum Network.


Now you can set a base gas fee for a transaction and include a tip miners called "max priority fee". This fee may be lower or higher depending on how fast you wish your transaction to be include.

6. And, of course, continue to enjoy all the cool features of Emerald:

  • Emerald is a non-custodial wallet

  • Create multiple wallets

  • Connection to Ledger Nano S and X

  • Create wallets with 24 word secret phrases

  • Emerald Receipt

  • Use Emerald as a hot and cold wallet

  • Support for BTC, ETH, ETC, USDT, USDC, DAI

Thank you for reading this announcement!

Please remember to download Emerald here: