Emerald Wallet Review of Features and Benefits

A non-custodial wallet for real life use cases.

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By Donald McIntyre

July 14th, 2022

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An itemized review of Emerald's features and benefits.

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In this article we will itemize Emerald Wallet's features and benefits.

Please don't forget to download Emerald here: https://emerald.cash/download

1. Emerald is a non-custodial wallet.

When you have your crypto in exchanges or centralized custodial wallets, they control your money and assets on the blockchain. Just like a bank, you just have a promise they will give them to you when you ask them to.

Emerald turns that around and gives you a convenient way of holding and controlling your own private keys so you can have possession, management, and full property of your cash and wealth on the blockchain directly.

2. Multi-wallet feature with labels.

On Emerald you may create multiple wallets, with multiple blockchains inside, with multiple addresses in each blockchain.

This is extremely convenient when categorizing and organizing your income and payments as you can also label each wallet so you can divide your balances and transactions in buckets and by type.

3. Backup and restore all wallets at once with Emerald Vault.

As you may have many wallets with labels, blockchains, addresses, and categorizations, it would be cumbersome to have to backup one by one.

For this reason Emerald has a very useful feature called Emerald Vault where you can backup all your wallets at once in one backup file with the press of a button.

If for any reason you lose access to your machine or phone, they break, or they are stolen, then you can easily get a new machine, install Emerald, and restore all your wallets at once with the same Emerald Vault backup file with the press of a button.

4. Manage both cold and hot wallets.

Emerald may be set up as a cold wallet, hot wallet, or both.

Usually people and businesses segregate their crypto assets 80% in cold wallets for security and 20% in hot wallets for convenience and daily use.

Emerald may be set up as a separate cold wallet in a different machine disconnected from the internet while using another install as a hot wallet in another machine connected to the internet for regular daily use, cash flows, and payments.

Additionally Emerald may be used as a hot wallet in combination with hardware wallets or paper wallets to create the same cold and hot environments.

5. Generate, create, and restore single wallets with your 24 word secret passphrase.

When creating new single wallets in Emerald, you may choose to use the 24 word secret phrase as the method for backup.

If for any reason you lose access to your machine or phone, they break, or they are stolen, then you can easily get a new machine, install Emerald, and restore your single wallet or wallets with the press of a button.

6. Connect Emerald with your hardware wallet.

In Emerald you can also create and backup new wallets with your Ledger Nano S or X. This combination also enables you to have your hardware wallet as a cold wallet and Emerald as your hot wallet.

Soon we will be adding support to more brands of hardware wallets.

7. Create single wallets with Private Key JSON files.

Many people and businesses use Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and stablecoins with Private Key JSON files. In Emerald you can easily create single wallets with your JSON files as well.

8. Create single wallets with raw private keys.

For those who wish to use clear text raw private keys to create new wallets, Emerald enables you to generate wallets in different blockchain with your raw private keys.

9. Create more wallets with the same seeds.

If you have created single wallets with a 24 word secret passphrase, a hardware wallet, JSON files, or raw private keys, you may generate more wallets using the same seeds.

This means that it is easy to generate new wallets with new addresses with those same sources and methods multiple times as you please.

10. Support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and stablecoins.

Emerald supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and the stablecoins USDT, USDC, and DAI.

Soon we will be adding stablecoins in other denominations such as Mexican Peso and Euro.

We will be adding more blockchain networks as well.

11. Convert from ETH to WETH to use dapps.

If you enable Ethereum in any of your wallets inside Emerald, then it automatically adds the ability to convert ETH to WETH.

WETH is an ERC-20 token that is used with dapps.

Whenever you wish to convert back WETH to ETH, then you may use the same feature in Emerald to transform them back.

12. Create multiple Ethereum and Ethereum Classic addresses.

If you have Ethereum and/or Ethereum Classic enabled in any wallet, then you can create multiple additional addresses for both blockchains.

This is convenient for categorization of your money and for privacy.

13. Use Emerald Receipt for transaction confirmation and communication with third parties and counterparties.

Emerald has a special service called Emerald Receipt that you may use each time you receive or send transactions with third parties or business counterparties.

Emerald Receipt makes it very convenient to send the links by email or text to transactions and account balances as proof that your transactions are sent and received.

14. Easily change the reference currency.

Do you denominate your crypto in EUR, USD, CNY, RUB, KRW, or AUD? No problem!

In Emerald you may change the reference currency to the one of your convenience.

In the near future we will be adding more options for more national currencies.