How to Acquire and Start Using Crypto for the First Time

And keep it in self custody.

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By Donald McIntyre

August 22nd, 2022

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Educational post: A beginner's guide to crypto.

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In this educational post we explain how to acquire crypto for the first time and start using it on a self custody wallet.

1. Start With Your Fiat Money in a Bank Account


If you have money in your traditional bank account, usually from there you can move money to the most popular crypto exchanges by connecting your account, making direct deposits, or wire transfers.

2. Buy Crypto in an Exchange


The most popular exchanges are Coinbase in the US and Binance in most international markets. Or, you can use the one that best meets your needs.

Open an account, move funds, and buy crypto on the exchange.

3. Move It to a Self Custody Wallet

Self custody.

Because exchanges are centralized services, many people and businesses move their crypto to self custody wallets such as Emerald.

This way they control their private keys and may have full control of their assets themselves.

This is called “self custody”.

4. Summary: From Bank, to Exchange, to Self Custody Wallet

From Bank, to Exchange, to Self Custody Wallet

In summary, the most secure and east way to acquire crypto and to start using it is to move your national money from your bank to a crypto exchange; to purchase the crypto assets there; and then to move them to a self custody wallet to use on a daily basis or for long term storage.

Thank you for reading this educational post!

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