How to Add More Ethereum Classic Addresses to an Emerald Wallet

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By Donald McIntyre

July 9th, 2022

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Tutorial: We explain the process to add more Ethereum Classic addresses.

You can watch this product short here:

1. Open Emerald and select the wallet in which you wish to add an Ethereum Classic address.

In our example we selected "Wallet Secret Phrase 3".

Open Emerald and select wallet.

2. Open sub-menu on the right of the wallet name.

Inside your wallet you will see the existing accounts at the bottom.

To add another Ethereum Classic account, open the sub-menu at the top on the right of the wallet name.

Open the sub-menu.

3. Select the option "Use Additional Addresses".

Select "Use Additional Addresses".

4. Enter password and press "UNLOCK".

In the next screen, you will need to enter your Emerald global password and press "UNLOCK".


5. Choose Ethereum Classic and add address.

In the next screen, choose "Ethereum Classic" from the dropdown menu at the top.

Then, click "ADD" on any of the addresses shown below.

In this example we selected to add address:


Add ETC address.

6. A new Ethereum Classic address has been added to your wallet!

After you added the address, Emerald will automatically take you back to your wallet and you will see the newly added Ethereum Classic address at the bottom.

ETC address added!

Thank you for reading this tutorial!

Remember to download Emerald here: