How to Receive Cryptocurrency Using Emerald Wallet

Obtaining and providing your address to third parties.

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By Donald McIntyre

August 12th, 2022

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Tutorial: Receiving crypto from other addresses.

You can watch this product short here:

1. Open Emerald.

When you open Emerald you will see your wallets dashboard. Here, you may select the wallet you wish to receive cryptocurrency to.

Open Emerald.

2. Press the "RECEIVE" button.

Once you open your wallet you will see the "SEND" and "RECEIVE" buttons to the right. Press "RECEIVE".

Press "RECEIVE".

3. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to receive.

From the dropdown menu, select the cryptocurrency you wish to receive and press the "COPY" button.

Press "RECEIVE".

Now you may send this address you copied to a third party or whoever has to send you crypto.

4. Check your new balance.

Once cryptocurrency is sent to the address you provided, you may check your balance and will note that it has increased.

Check new balance.

Note that it may take from 15 seconds to 10 minutes to see your new balance after they send you crypto depending on the blockchain.

This is because some blockchains take around 15 seconds to confirm a transaction and Bitcoin takes usually 10 minutes.

Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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