What's new in Emerald Wallet 2.9

By Igor Artamonov

June 9th, 2023

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Hello everyone!

We're thrilled to announce the release of Emerald Wallet v2.9, our latest update to your trusted non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. This new release promises to bring several significant improvements and innovative features that will make your cryptocurrency experience more seamless, secure, and personalized.

Upgraded Ledger Nano Hardware Key Support

Our first major improvement focuses on bolstering the support for Ledger Nano hardware keys. We've optimized the interface for Ledger Nano X, enabling smoother interactions and enhanced reliability. And we're still working towards providing better support for Ledger Nano in our future updates.

Personalize Your Wallet with Custom Icons

The new release also comes with an new feature allowing you to replace the automatically generated wallet icon with a custom image. If you maintain a business account within the wallet, this feature offers a convenient way to mark transactions associated with that account. Just upload your company's logo, and it will be easier than ever to track and distinguish these transactions.

Sign Messages Straight from the Wallet

With Release 2.9, you can now sign and verify messages using the EIP191 and EIP712 specifications directly within the wallet.

Faster Balance Updates and Transaction History Loading

We've improved the backed for balance updates and transaction history loading to give you real-time access to your financial data. Now, you'll be able to view your transactions and balance updates more quickly, as well as getting a better view of the history of operations.

Enhanced Bitcoin Transaction Management

Previously, the feature to cancel and speed up unconfirmed transactions was only available for Ethereum. However, with this new release, we've made this feature available to Bitcoin transactions as well. This gives you more control and flexibility over your Bitcoin transactions.

Minor Improvements and Fixes

Alongside these significant improvements, we've also made several minor enhancements and fixes to further improve the Emerald Wallet experience.

We're excited about these new changes, and we believe they'll bring an even better, more personalized, and efficient experience for all our users. Thank you for your continued trust in Emerald Wallet, and we look forward to bringing you more updates in the future.

Emerald Wallet Team